Sunday, April 17, 2011

Commissions and more

I also wanted to let you know that I'll be working on some Eldar commissions soon (I hope) I'll make sure to take pics of them and share.

Hellions - They have been naughty naughty models and I've had to cut off their arms... No worries, I have replacements for them, I just need to prime and paint them again :) This is what they looked like before!

BIG update!

Hey guys, I'm sure you've seen all of this before, but I figure a big pic update is better than no update at all.

Alright guys, I need your help! I can't figure out how I want to base my daemons. I do not want lava bases, it's way too overdone. I need suggestions!

Some 40k Viewing Pleasure!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hellions ZOMG

I just picked up a box of Dark Eldar Hellions and Lelith. Well I have to say, the Hellions are some sexy sexy minis. I wasn't planning on putting them together but I couldn't help myself. They will be ready for priming tomorrow and I promise to get more pics up soon!

Zombie Clowns ftw

Friday, February 4, 2011

Army in a Year List!

Well the folks at MWG are having an army in a year challenge so I figured I'd try and join in with my daemons.

Here is the original month by month list:
Warhammer fantasy and 40k
Month 1: HQ/Lords&Heroes
Month 2: Troop/Core
Month 3: Elite/Special
Month 4: Troop/Core
Month 5: Fast attack/Special
Month 6: Your choice
Month 7: Heavy/Rare
Month 8: Elite/Special
Month 9: Your choice
Month 10: Fast attack/Special
Month 11: Troop/Core
Month 12: Objective markers

And this is my list. Hopefully I can get it done and not get bored!
Daemons of Chaos
Month 1: 1 Khorne Greater Daemon (450 pts)
Month 2: 10 Plaguebearers (120 pts)
Month 3: 10 Flesh Hounds (350 pts)
Month 4: 3 Plaguebearer command (66 pts) and 2 Plaguebearers (24 pts)
Month 5: 7 Nurglings (245 pts)
Month 6: 10 Horrors (120 pts)
Month 7: 1 Beast of Nurgle (100 pts)
Month 8: 1 Karanak (75 pts)
Month 9: 1 Greater Daemon of Tzeentch (450 pts)
Month 10: 8 Flesh Hounds (280 pts)
Month 11: 12 Daemonettes (144 pts)
Month 12: Daemon Prince Azazel (300 pts) - I have no desire to make objective markers so a prince will have to do

Total points: 2724

On the Clown front: I need to find better brushes. Doing these diamonds are killing me! But the base coating is almost done, I'll take pics soonish :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hi there!

Well I took the leap and started a blog. Never thought I'd have one, but with the painting I've been doing I said why not? Currently I have a lot of projects either started or waiting to be started.

In the Warhammer Fantasy Line, I've painted Daemons of Chaos (My favorite) and Tomb Kings. Warhammer 40k I am planning on making a Dark Eldar Harlequin army. I also have Malifaux Neverborn and I would like to start on Hordes Circle.

Currently I am working on:
1. Harlequin Troupe
2. Death Jester
3. Shadowseer
4. 2 Plaguebearers

I'll update the blog with pictures of things I have done as well as the things I am working on and their progress. If you like what you see, I'd be interested to speak further about commission work.

For now, this pic of the changeling will have to do. I'm also planning on making a light box so I can take better pictures :)